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BBC Dad Finds Worthy Successor in Al-Jazeera Dad

A new look called "Extremely Awkward 'is this okay?' Dad" will undoubtedly take 2018 by storm.

A video of a 5-year-old boy crashing his father’s interview with Al Jazeera is providing viewers with a first-hand look at the endless wonders of working from home — and giving BBC Dad a run for his money.

Daniel Smith-Rowsey, a film historian at St. Mary’s College of California, was attempting to break down Hollywood’s unified front against sexual assault at this year’s Golden Globes when his son Rainier popped into the frame to yell “cheese,” say “hi,” and drive a toy-car all over his dad’s shoulders.

Unlike Professor Robert Kelly, the infamous BBC dad who was interrupted on-air by his two young children and his frazzled wife, Smith-Rowsey never looked even a little bit frustrated by the ordeal and actually played the whole thing super cool. Still, in defense of BBC dad, the Aljazeera interview — and Rainier’s entrance — were a lot more low-key than Kelly who was discussing the unlikely improvement of relations between North and South Korea before his family barged in.

The moral of this story is, when you’re on TV and interrupted by a small child, just steer into the skid and trust that the entire internet will find it adorable, even if you’re totally mortified.