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Zap! New Bat-mobile Pics Won’t Make Everyone Happy!

It's something of a mash-up of '70s muscle cars and modern exotic sportscars.

After surreptitiously captured photographs of the Batcycle leaked nearly two weeks ago, Matt Reeves is once again taking matters into his own hands. Earlier today, The Batman director posted three photographs of the new Batmobile to Twitter, and there’s a lot about Robert Pattinson‘s new ride that warrants discussion.

Reeves helpfully posted three different photos of the Batmobile, so we have a pretty complete idea of what it looks like despite the characteristically dark, somewhat smoky setting.

The first one shows the front of the car, with Batman standing next to it. It has a sort of muscle car vibe, with the hood, headlights, and roof silhouette most reminiscent of the Batmobile that appeared in 1977’s Batman #288. According to the invaluable The History of the Batmobile online archive, that one was based on the Ligier JS2, a French-built sports coupe manufactured in the first half of the 1970s.

The second and third photos give us a better idea of the back half of the car, which has more of the aggressive styling of a modern exotic sportscar. For a forerunner in the Batman universe, look no further than the Lamborghini Countach-inspired Batmobile from Batman #408, where it’s shown on the cover .

Another thing we like about this Batmobile is the completely exposed, rear-mounted engine. It’s a design that persists today almost exclusively in cars that are very fast and/or very expensive, which makes it a perfect fit for a billionaire fighting crime around a dense metropolis like Gotham City.

We’re not sure what these shots reveal, if anything, about what The Batman is actually going to be like, but they do get us even more pumped to see the finished product in theaters in…sigh…16 months.

The Batman will be released on June 25, 2021.