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Holy Leather Chair! First Set Photo From ‘The Batman’ Has Everyone Batty

Let's decode some Bat-clues.


Is a leather chair enough to get us excited about Batman? Apparently, the answer is a big yes!

The Batman is officially in production. Director Matt Reeves shared a photo of the slate from the first day of filming resting on a leather chair or sofa. And yeah, it’s not quite as exciting as a shot of Robert Pattinson in the new Batsuit or the Batmobile on the streets of Gotham, but there are some potential clues about the highly anticipated film.

Let’s start with how the title is written. It’s red and in a font that’s seems meant to look weathered. It may or may not be the one used in the promotional materials for the movie, but if it is we’d imagine the film tended toward a more serious and less comic book-inspired aesthetic.

Underneath the title, Reeves is listed as the director and Greig Fraser as the cinematographer. Fraser just wrapped production on Dune, and he also was the director of photography on three episodes of The MandalorianRogue One, and Zero Dark Thirty, among others. He previously worked with Reeves on Let Me In and earned an Oscar nomination for Lion.

According to Indiewire, Fraser is known for his flexibility in working with directors and “striking imagery that pulls from locations and settings without an added layer of artifice.” Fraser posted this same photo to his Instagram, and revealed in the comments when asked about the lenses he was using that they were “interesting new ones.” Sounds good to us.

The color temperature is 5600 K, which is pretty moderate, close to daylight. We’re guessing based on this and the leather furniture that the first scene shot was an interior daytime scene, potentially at Wayne Manor or Wayne Enterprises.

It also looks like Fraser and Reeves are shooting on film, as information about the frame rate (24 FPS) and section of film roll are also scribbled on the clapper. A dive into the film’s listed technical specs shows that one of the formats to be used is Ultra Panavision 70, a format mostly used for epic films (e.g. Ben-Hur) that dates to the ’50s and was revived by Quentin Tarantino in The Hateful Eight. Digital formats are also listed, so the film looks to be taking a hybrid approach, but we’re betting it feels big, as a blockbuster like this should.

The Batman comes to theaters on June 25, 2021.