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Barnes and Noble Launches New Children’s Book Club: What To Know

Hard to believe this didn't already exist.


This morning Barnes and Noble, the world’s largest retail bookseller, announced its plan to launch a program it’s calling “Kids’ Book Hangout,” a platform for kids aged 6-12 to talk about select, kid-friendly books and play related games and activities. The bookselling behemoth will hold the first Kids’ Book Hangout in every Barnes and Noble storefront on Saturday, July 28th, at 2 PM.

Each hangout is meant to be “a forum for young readers to gather in our stores to discover books, have fun, and experience the joy of reading with other kids in their community,” according to Stephanie Fryling, Barnes and Noble’s Vice President of Merchandising, Children’s Books.

For its first hangout, Barnes and Noble teamed up with Penguin Young Readers, Penguin Publishing Group’s branch for children’s books, to create a list of featured books kids can choose from beforehand. Those books – Brown Girl Dreaming, More Scrawny Than Brawny, The Basque Dragon, and She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) – cover a range of genres, including poetry and fantasy, and are tailored for different reading levels. Reading them, however, isn’t a must for kids to participate.

Anyone attending the hang out on July 28th can expect there to be games and activities related to the featured books as well as a 20% discount on each of those books throughout the day. Barnes and Noble cafes will also be offering $1 off Frappuccinos for everyone in attendance.

The Kid’s Book Hangout will be a part of Barnes and Nobles other seasonally held offerings for young readers including its Summer Reading Program, where kids can earn free books if they present a completed reading journal that shows they read eight books.

“We can’t wait to host kids, parents, and caregivers in our stores for the first Kids’ Book Hangout, and we look forward to continuing the Barnes & Noble tradition of helping young readers discover their next great read,” Fryling said in a press release.

More information about the hangout is available online at the Barnes and Noble website.