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Male Barista Criticized for Telling Pregnant Customer Not to Order Coffee

Moms online were not having it.


Being pregnant is a tough gig. Beyond the obvious fact that you are literally growing a human life inside you for nine months, pregnant people also have to deal with cramps, cravings, and judgmental baristas. Well, to be fair, that last problem only applies to a pregnant woman who was recently shamed at a Starbucks by a nosey employee.

The story was shared by Tiffany Stevenson, who said the pregnant woman ordered a Carmel Macchiato when the male barista told her she should order it decaf due to her pregnancy. The woman said she had one caffeinated beverage a day, which is consistent with the recommendation from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Rather than apologize for butting into her business, the barista still insisted that the pregnant customer shouldn’t order it.

That is when Stevenson stepped in, letting him know that he had no business telling a woman what she should order. According to Stevenson, the barista continued to try and justify his actions for another five minutes.

Stevenson shared the interaction on Twitter, where moms everywhere quickly expressed their support for the pregnant customer while agreeing that the barista should mind his own damn business.

Many moms shared that a cup of coffee was one of the biggest things they had to look forward to during their pregnancy and someone with no knowledge trying to take that away from them was just obnoxious. A few wondered about his medical qualifications.

Other moms said they had similar experiences.