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LaVar Ball Makes Arrogance Boring in His New Facebook Reality Show

We're still searching for any sign of a personality from Lonzo.

LaVar Ball isn’t afraid of controversy. He verbally battled LeBron James. He called out Michael Jordan. He told a female reporter “stay in your lane” when she asked him reasonable questions. He’s built a public persona on being an overbearing (overballing?) father and kind of a dick. Which is all to say that he seemed like a reality show star before he even had a reality show. Now he does and, ironically, that feels less the case. Ball in the Family, which Big Baller Brand launched in partnership with Facebook, not only takes a deeper look at LaVar and his three sons, but confirms the suspicions of those who suspected that LaVar’s trolling was never a genius ploy. The man comes across as an attentive if narcissistic father and a bit of a doofus.

LaVar Ball is basically the guy yelling at the CYO basketball game. Because his outburst had been recut by the press into a highlight reel, he seemed at least admirably entertaining, but now that he’s going straight to the people it’s clear that he’s more archetype than arch-villain.

Ball In The Family: Episode 1 Season 1 Facebook TV

Ball In The Family: Episode 1 Season 1 Facebook TVAired August 31, 2017 Episode 1 Season 1 Ball in the family Facebook TV Show.Lavar,LaMelo,Lonzo,Tina & LiAngelo Ball along with Lonzo's high school sweetheart Denise Garcia and many more family members.#LonzoBall #Zo2 #BigBallerBrand #DeniseGarcia #UCR #ChinoHills #UCLA #UCLABruins #LosAngeles #LosAngelesLakers #IE #InlandEmpire #Hollywood #Showtime #ShoTime #LaVarBall #LameloBall #LiangeloBall #Basketball #BallisLife #LoveAndBasketball #MagicJohnson #GreatWesternForum #StaplesCenter #Inglewood #KobeBryant #NBASummerLeague #LasVegasSubscribe to our YouTube Channel by just clicking on the link below for more Sports Videos!

Posted by NBA West on Thursday, August 31, 2017

At one moment, LaVar seems like he intentionally says outrageous things to get headlines and continue to promote his “Big Baller Brand.” But just when you think you have him figured out, he makes some other stupid claim that makes you start to wonder if he really thinks he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one. This is fascinating because American’s new national pastime is trying to discern who is an expert troll and who is an idiot. This is a fun (and occasionally ver high stakes) game that Ball’s behavior has facilitated. But that’s not what the show is about. The show isn’t a dissection of the LaVar Ball dialectic. It’s a show about LaVar Ball, who–troll or no–is not a particularly interesting man.

Ball in the Family is incredibly boring. The only person who shows any personality is LaVar, while his three sons, wife, and parents all woodenly recite cliches and lines that sound like they were written by LaVar or, more likely, a writer doing an impression of LaVar. Yank, LaVar’s dad, tries to mimic a bit of his son’s signature flair, but it feels forced and never really takes off. Even when the family watches Lonzo get drafted by the Lakers, they respond without enthusiasm. LaVar sucks the air out of the show because his media profile make everyone, including himself, seem timid and tepid. Where’s the Big Baller? Not here.

If Ball in the Family is going to be a successful show, it’s going to need to take an honest look at LaVar and the complicated empire he is attempting to build. Can someone be a jerk but also be a great dad? Will he ultimately help Lonzo’s career or hurt it? Did he make a deal with the Devil where he’s required to wear only basketball shorts of the rest of his life? These are the questions people want to see answered, but LaVar has no interest in answering those questions because resolution will shove him out of the news cycle. The show exists merely to remind people that LaVar Ball is a person that they should have a strong opinion about. But the show won’t amplify opinions. If anything, it will dampen them.

What do I think of LaVar Ball now? I’m trying not to.