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Here’s How To Tell If You’re Paying Too Much For Your Babysitter

According to a recent survey by online babysitter purveyor, the national average rate parents pay to get drunk away from the judgemental gaze of their children is $13.50 per hour. If that sounds like a bargain, you probably live on the coasts. If it made your eyes pop out of your head, you must live in one of those places your friends on the coasts make fun of you for living in.

The 5 most expensive cities to hire sitters are San Francisco ($16.65), San Jose ($15.63), Boston ($15.37), New York ($15.09), and Washington D.C. ($14.99); the 5 least expensive are Grand Rapids ($11.31), Columbia, SC ($11.72), Rochester, NY ($11.79), Salt Lake City ($11.82), and Akron, OH ($11.84). Wherever you live, 94 percent of you are willing to increase the going rate for someone you trust implicitly. Thirty one percent of parents surveyed anted up because they feel their sitters are part of the family — but you shouldn’t go paying anyone else in the house unless there’s a really good reason.

More surprising than the hourly rates (which are more depressing than surprising) is the rate of inflation. The national average has increased 28 percent since 2009, meanwhile the cost of eggs went up 33.1 percent and gas went up a whopping 84 percent (like you hadn’t noticed). And yet the income of regular working stiffs has remained relatively stagnant, which hardly seems fair. But that’s not your babysitters fault so treat them well. You may need them to get you a side job.