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‘The Babysitter’ Is a Horror Movie for Parents Who Want a Night Off

It's rare to a see a movie trailer that disgusts, terrifies, and inspires laughter all at the same time.

Netflix just dropped a trailer for “The Babysitter,” a terrifying comedy about one kid (who, quite honestly, looks a little bit old to need a caretaker) and his terrifying night with an evil, very hot babysitter. It looks to be horrifying, hilarious, and bonkers in all the right ways. It also might make you second guess leaving your kids with a sitter. 

The trailer opens on an idyllic Suburban town when the babysitter, a woman played by Samara Weaving, arrives to relieve Cole’s parents of their duties for the night. It’s pretty clear that Cole has the hots for the babysitter, and when a fellow student on his bus ride home tells him that babysitters party after they put their wards to bed, Cole decides to see for himself.  What he finds is nothing less than an offering to the Devil. A steamy game of spin the bottle turns into a downright murder when the babysitter stabs one of the party-goers in the head. Cole, watching from the landing upstairs, overhears the babysitter announce plans on his own life, referring to him as “the blood of the innocent.” Okay then. 

The trailer promises laughter, genuine fear, and lots and lots of blood.  When a cheerleader played by Bella Thorne gets shot in the boob, she screams “What kind of dick shoots a girl in the boob?” somehow forgetting that she’s trying to kill an innocent young boy and sacrifice him to who knows what.

Babysitters are expensive. It’s hard to find one you trust. But most likely, he or she won’t be a murderer or cult member who wants to use your kid’s blood to gain immortality. The worst thing they’ll do eat your food. Right?