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Watch This Baby’s Hilarious Reaction to His Dad’s Rapping

That laugh, though.


A father-son rap battle is going viral on Facebook for good reason. The hilarious video, shared by dad B-Doe, features baby Quentin laughing hysterically as his dad tries to freestyle rap to him.

“He’s messing with me!” B-Doe, who’s from Baltimore, says at the beginning when Quentin interrupts him with an outburst of giggles every time he starts talking.

Posted February 21, the clip already has over 7.1 million views and 161,000 shares. And people are loving Quentin’s rap skills, with almost everyone saying the infant was by far the winner of the battle (which B-Doe agrees with).

“The youngest MC to battle and win w/o saying a word,” said one viewer. Another wrote, “You already lost when you stepped up to that adorableness!”

In the comments, the rapping dad responded, explaining, “He definitely got in my head lol. I was trying to stay with it. I got bodied fam.”

And even Ellen DeGeneres is a fan of the adorable duo. The talk show host, who featured the video on EllenTube, also tweeted it with the caption “This is the cutest rap battle you’ll ever see.”

In a follow-up Facebook post, B-Doe thanked everyone for the likes and shares, giving his son all the credit for the clip’s popularity. “This video will give you baby fever so warn others before you share,” he wrote. “It’s so dope to give you all a glimpse of what me and my wife experience everyday. Quentin is a very happy baby and we’re so blessed that we get to raise him!”

Baby hysterically LAUGHS at his father rapping

Attempting to battle rap my son…

Posted by B-doe – ThatshowItbdoe on Thursday, February 21, 2019