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Etsy Has a Ton of Different Baby Yoda Mouse Ears for Your Next Disney Trip

This is the way to get your hands on a pair.


There’s no Baby Yoda presence at Disneyland (yet), but a legion of Etsy sellers are doing their part to combine the breakout star of The Mandalorian and the park’s most famous souvenir: Mickey Ears.

Disney, of course, didn’t put any Baby Yoda merch into production before the show premiered because it didn’t want to spoil the episode one reveal of the tiny green guy. That’s left something of a vacuum that folks have filled with Lego builds, cookie cutters, and even cocktails.

Etsy has also been a breeding ground for unofficial merch like these ears, though Disney has been less than kind to the people making money off of its intellectual property. That means that if you’re into the idea of a Baby Yoda-themed pair of Mickey ears, it’s worth snapping them up sooner rather than later.

EarCandyCreationsCo is an entire Etsy shop dedicated to creative, unofficial Disney ears. Its Baby Yoda ears are 3D-printed silhouettes of Baby Yoda on one ear and the Mandalorian on the other, complete with a Baby Yoda green bow in the middle.

A similar store, HappiestPlaceonEars, also sells a 3D-printed pair, but theirs has a bit more flair. Their ears look like stained glass, which gives Mando and the Child a bit more of an old medieval church vibe. You can also customize the plastic and bow colors.

MainstreetMarvels sells ears have a much different look, with more lifelike, less stylized depictions of each character, and a brown bow in the middle (that you can eschew with a coupon code if you’d like). “This is the way” is also printed on the edge of the Mando ear, which is a nice touch.

If you’d rather have a child-only set of ears, this wood-and-velvet pair from CharacterfulCrafts is definitely worth a look. The cutouts of Baby Yoda show him looking up at the sky, and the way he’s staring opposite directions is pleasingly symmetrical.

On this pair from Madison Crafts, one ear has Mando’s helmet and one reads “This is the way” in classic Star Wars font. A little Baby Yoda is perched in the middle, a definite upgrade over a bow for our money.

Four different Baby Yoda poses—one of each side of each ear—are screen printed on this pair from Fun and Fizzy with gold trim adding a bit more of a flashy vibe.