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Boy Sends Baby Yoda Doll to Firefighters Fighting Wildfires in Oregon

He wanted to do something to make a difference.

A little boy wanted to step in and help people cope with the wildfires, so he did what he knew how to do: shared some love. A 5-year-old boy named Carver was moved to help those in need, so he sent a Baby Yoda toy to the heroes fighting on the front lines of the wildfires in Oregon.

When the young boy heard wildfires were ravaging his home state, he told his grandma, Sasha Tinning, that he wanted to do something to help; and he may have found the most adorable way to do just that, according to CNN.

Sasha heard there was a local donation drive to help the firefighters in Colton and Molalla, Oregon, so she took Carver with her to pick up some groceries and other supplies to help the front line heroes. While there, Carver found something perfect to help keep the firefighters’ spirits up: a Baby Yoda doll in the store’s toy aisle.

Carver and his grandma bought the doll and sent it along with the other items in the care package to the firefighters in his area. He included a hand-written note which read, “Thank you, firefighters. Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely. Love, Carver, age 5.”

Posted by Baby yoda fights fires on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

“These firefighters are putting their lives on the line,” Sasha said to CNN. “To have a little bit of sunshine during such a dark time, I think that’s really special for them. He (Baby Yoda) is also just cute as the dickens.” She continued, “These firefighters are away from their children, their loved ones. This is a little pal that brings a bit of normalcy to a crazy time.”

He’s on the job! We can’t wait to see what he gets to do. His air crafts keep getting bigger and bigger.

Posted by Baby yoda fights fires on Thursday, October 1, 2020

The firefighters loved the gesture and now, Baby Yoda goes with them everywhere, and they document every adventure in a Facebook group that’s followed by nearly 34,000 people. This way, Carver gets to see just how much joy and help he’s provided along the way.