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Horrifying Baby Yoda ‘Bop It!’ Toy Bizarrely Encourages Baby-Punching

This new 'Star Wars' toy from 'The Mandalorian' makes zero sense.

In 1999, children across the world were encouraged to suck on the tongue of Jar Jar Binks. For 21 years, the Jar Jar Binks tongue candy from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace has been held up as the single worst Star Wars product ever. That is until now. The dark times. The era of  ‘Bop It!’ Baby Yoda.

This week, news broke that an officially licensed Baby Yoda ‘Bop It!’ toy is coming, and your brain can fill in the rest. ‘Bop-It!’ is a ridiculously annoying product in which kids are supposed to slap or hit (or “bop”) a specific toy in a short amount of time. Originally created in 1996, the Bop It! is what would happen if the super-creepy Beatles song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” somehow achieved sentience, and then had its soul banished into a piece of molded plastic. “Bop It!” is to toys what pixie sticks are to real candy — no one thinks it’s good, but it continues to exist anyway. We don’t know why.

And now, the insidious clutches of Bop It! have reached Baby Yoda. The good people over at Slashfilm noticed this product was coming out and correctly wrote: ” [This Bop It!] has the exactly same gameplay [as other Bop Its] where an audio command tells you to bop, twist, or pull the figure, becoming increasingly faster and more challenging to keep up with as time goes on. You might as well be that Scout Trooper who punched Baby Yoda in the head.” Preach.

Credit: Hasbro/Slashfilm

This references, of course, the final episode of The Mandalorian Season 1, where Baby Yoda was briefly captured by two terrible Stormtroopers on speeder bikes. On what wretched planet is this considered to be a good toy for kids? Maybe just stick to the cute, cuddly toy instead? Kids have enough reasons to flirt with the Dark Side of the Force. Once you start down the ‘Bop It!’ path, it’s pretty hard to turn back.

Here’s a cute Baby Yoda to buy instead.