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Baby Spinach Has Been Recalled In 8 States For Salmonella. Here’s What Parents Need to Know

Here's what you need to know.

Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc. has issued a voluntary limited recall of baby spinach products due to potential Salmonella contamination, the FDA reports. Though no illnesses have yet to be reported, a random sample evaluated by the Department of Agriculture in Michigan tested positive for Salmonella bacteria In response, Dole has removed all potentially affected products from retail shelves. Here’s everything parents need to know about the recall.

The Dole products that have been recalled are 6-ounce Dole Baby Spinach bag, Lot code W20308A (UPC code 0-71430-00964-2) and 10-ounce Dole Baby Spinach clamshell, Lot code W203010 (UPC code 0-71430-00016-8), both with “Use-By” dates of 08-05-2019. The lot code and Use-by date are on the upper right corner of the bag or on the top label of the clamshell; the UPC code is on the bottom left corner of the back of the bag or on the bottom label of the clamshell.

The states impacted by the baby spinach recall are Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin. The FDA states that only the specific Baby Spinach products listed, with the exact Lot codes, UPC codes and Use-by dates identified above, are included in the recall.

Parents should look out for the symptoms of Salmonella infection, which include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Parents of young children should be extra cautious, as the illness is most dangerous in those with weakened immune systems. The FDA says that the majority of healthy adults and children rarely become seriously ill due to Salmonella exposure.

Though the affected Dole baby spinach products are no longer on store shelves, the FDA advises consumers to check their refrigerators to see if they are in possession of either product and if so, to throw them away immediately. Consumers can also contact the Dole Consumer Center at 1-800-356-3111 with any further questions or concerns.