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Baby Goes Viral With Spaghetti on His Belly

Pure joy right here.

Credit: Facebook / Positive About Down Syndrome

If you need a smile in your day, babies are usually good fodder for a pick-me-up. They are curious and find the most mundane-to-us things entertaining. It’s the joy from every single experience being a brand new one. Like this 1-year-old boy who found joy in spaghetti. His parents took a video of him enjoying this moment, and it’s gone viral because you can’t not smile at it.

Albie Dunville lives in the U.K with his dad, Adam Dunville, and his mom, Emma Ayers. He was born just over a year ago in January 2019 and was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. His parents didn’t find out during their pregnancy, and when Albie was born, they say the way in which they were told he has Down syndrome was “not at all positive.”

“It was a dark and scary time in those early hours, and our fear of the unknown was intense,” Ayers told TODAY Parents. But, Albie’s parents realized “fairly quickly” that even though he has Down syndrome, “Albie was a baby like any other and needed the same things from us that any baby would need.”

They describe his personality as “the funniest, cheekiest, most stubborn little boy,” and they gave the world a glimpse of this when they shared a video through an online support group for parents of children with Down syndrome called Positive About Down Syndrome (PADS).

Saturday night treat in the shape of one year old Albie really enjoying his dinner. 😂Proud mum Emma Ayers shared this lovely video of Albie, who features in our new book #NobodyToldMe! If you'd like to know more about having a child or young person with Down syndrome do take a read of our stories on you have a new baby with DS Congratulations! we have a closed page exclusively for you if you're based in the UK and LO is under 12 months old if you're expecting a LO who has a high chance/confirmed result of having Down syndrome and you live in the UK do join our page

Posted by Positive About Down Syndrome on Saturday, February 8, 2020

In the video, Albie is eating spaghetti. Well, not as much eating as playing with his dinner, and it is 100 percent delight. The video has gone viral on the platform, with over 37 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments raving about the cute moment captured on video.

It’s impossible to not smile at this and have Albie brighten your day.