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How ‘Baby Shark’ Saved the Washington Nationals Season

And now they're headed for the World Series.


Last night, the Washington Nationals punched their ticket to the World Series for the first time in franchise history by finishing up their sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s quite a feat for a team that once didn’t even seem likely to make the postseason. What sparked such a remarkable turnaround? While some may credit their dominant pitching, the real secret to their success seems to be “Baby Shark.”

How, exactly, does a massively popular kid’s song help a baseball team win games? It all began on June 19. The Nationals were a mediocre 34-38 and projected to miss the playoffs when outfielder Gerardo Parra, who was in the midst of a 0-23 slump, decided to change his walk-up song from “Contra La Pared” by Sean Paul and J. Balvin to “Baby Shark”, his kid’s favorite song. Parra ended up going 2-for-4 with a homer and the Nationals were suddenly on the fast track to the playoffs.

Before long, the entire team had come to embrace “Baby Shark” as a rallying cry and ended up with a record of 93-69, good enough to earn them a Wild Card spot. The song has also caught on with the fans, as they go nuts every time Parra’s walk-up song plays and “Parra Shark” shirts began selling like hot cakes.

Now, the team is just four wins away from winning the World Series and while he may not have an official spot on the roster, it’s hard to argue “Baby Shark” wouldn’t deserve a ring should the Nationals take down the Yankees or Astros.

So next time you find yourself in a slump at work, maybe embrace the power of “Baby Shark”and add it to your pump-up playlist. It may seem silly but it could end up getting you that big promotion you’ve been desperately hoping for.