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Parents Beware: A ‘Baby Shark’ TV Show is Coming to Netflix

Just when you thought it was over...


Baby Shark” might already have taken over your car speaker, but it’s about to take over your TV, too. Last week, the creators of the viral children’s song announced that they’re releasing a new cartoon series on Netflix this spring.

According to a Bloomberg interview with one of the founders of SmartStudy Co.’s Pinkfong, the Korean educational entertainment company is “planning to release short videos via Netflix Inc., a cartoon series and a musical in North America this year.”

“Baby Shark,” which went viral in June 2016, now has over two billion views, making it one of the top 30 most-watched videos in the history of YouTube. It also recently debuted at No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 List for the week ending January 12.

“We’ve added the ‘K-pop factor’ into our songs, such as very trendy beats and upbeat rhythms,” Seungkyu Lee, chief financial officer of SmartStudy, said in the same interview. “If you’ve ever heard of ‘Baby Shark,’ you might feel the importance of community. In a group, we should walk or swim together.”

The company hinted that the new show will be available on Netflix sometime in March 2019.

Lee also revealed that there could soon be Baby Shark-themed games that are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.

And that’s not all: Telling Bloomberg“I really liked Madagascar,” Lee said that the startup is working on developing new content for older children, ages five to eight, and that it will likely involve penguins inspired by the Dreamworks animated film. Stay tuned…