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This Is Your Official Warning That a “Baby Shark” Halloween Song Exists

It's the scariest thing a parent can hear this Halloween.

The laziest possible tweak to turn “Baby Shark” into “Baby Shark Halloween” is to replace the chorus of “doo doo doo doo doo doodoo” that haunts your nightmares with “boo boo boo boo boo booboo” because ghosts.

And that’s exactly the tweak that a YouTube channel called Super Simple Songs did. The seasonal song itself sounds like it has a slightly lower tempo than the original Pinkfong version. There’s also no throbbing bass line, so it’s actually a bit less headache-inducing to boot.

But a different repeated syllable and arrangement aren’t the only differences. Instead of the whole family of sharks cataloged in the original, this version has a bunch of sharks in Halloween costumes, a message that sharks are friendly and not, as the documentary Jaws tried to warn us, bloodthirsty monsters.

“Baby Shark Halloween” features Mummy Shark (get it? like mommy! ugh), Ghost Shark, Pirate Shark, Cowboy Shark, and Princess Shark. The ultra-topical sharks—Boris Johnson Shark, Homeless Spider-Man Shark, Mr. Rogers Shark—sadly were left on the cutting room floor.

The accompanying animated video shows our characters trick-or-treating until it gets dark and they’re chased by a large, shadowy figure who is—spoiler alert!—just Papa Shark dressed as a clown.

“Baby Shark Halloween” has amassed almost 77 million views since it was first published two years ago. That sounds like a lot, but when you consider that the official Pinkfong video has, as of this writing, 3,398,596,596 billion YouTube views, the Halloween version is like an indie darling going up against Endgame.

Still, as the leaves start to turn and costume-and-candy season nears, you might hear this seasonal rendition coming out of your kid’s room. Our advice: hide the iPad until All Saints’ Day and enjoy a shark-free autumn.