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Baby Shark 2019 Concert Tour Already Sucks Because of Zero Real Sharks

You just know this is going to look like Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show...

The only way a live version of Baby Shark would be legitimately thrilling for parents would be if real sharks were involved. At this point, making references to Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl Halftime sharks might sound lame, but let’s face it: That’s what this will look like. Minus Katy Petty.

On Wednesday, Billboard reported that Baby Shark is hitting the road in late 2019. This fall, a monstrosity called Baby Shark Live! will tour 100 cities in the U.S. and Canada and include “educational elements,” lots of music, dancing sharks, and, of course, a variety of versions of Baby Shark. As of this writing, optional packages that include earplugs or cocktails for parents have not been confirmed.

Baby Shark Live is being produced by Round Room Live, the same live entertainment production company that produced the live show for Disney Jr.’s popular PJ Masks series and the ice skating series Rock the Rink. Speaking to Billboard, Stephen Shaw of Round Room Live revealed the hardest thing happening with this show: “There’s obviously something incredible there with Baby Shark and the toughest part for us is taking the three-minute viral video and being able to produce a live show for the stage.”

Shaw did not say there is something “unholy” about Baby Shark and the most “ludicrous” part is stretching out a three-minute viral video in a “torturous experience” for the stage. But we can read between the lines.

The show will also be centered around the Baby Shark character and a fox named Pinkfong (theNickelodeon show’s mascot), who embark on adventures in friendship and endless repetition. In the version of this that exists in our head, Pinkfong is fed to the real baby sharks on stage at the end. But, sadly that will probably not be the case.

Baby Shark Live! is geared towards children age two and up. A partial tour schedule won’t be announced until July 9, but “fans” can sign up for updates at

It looks like Baby Shark isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Who knows, sometimes live shows for things actually improve upon the source material. A few parents have actually had a good time at Frozen On Ice and Marvel Universe Live! So, here’s hoping Baby Shark Live will defy expectations and actually be…good?