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Baby Saints Fan Is Not Happy When a Player Hands Him Football

But he learns to love it.

While celebrating his 36-yard touchdown catch, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. lept into the stands and handed the touchdown ball to a baby Saints fan named Jacques. Unfortunately, Ginn’s souvenir did not get the reception he expected, as the young football fanatic proceeded to cry his eyes out and was determined to stay as far away from the touchdown football as possible.

To be fair to Jacques, a football game is an incredibly loud and chaotic environment. And while kids love to make as much noise as possible, they tend to love ruckuses a lot less when they are being caused by anyone other than themselves. It’s easy to see how it might be less fun and more terrifying for a baby to suddenly be handed something he doesn’t recognize while everyone around him is jumping and screaming their heads off. So instead of cherishing a rare gift that he and his dad will be able to share for years to come, he freaks out.


Fortunately, this story ultimately had a happy ending, as the little Saints superfan seemed to be enjoying his new toy a bit more later in the game. After the moment of jubilation had passed and all eyes were no longer on him, Jacques was shown to be enjoying America’s most popular sport while his dad held on to him and the football. In fact, his mom even posted a photo of his child smiling while holding the ball, thanking the Saints and Ginn for making their experience such a memorable one.

And while the ball may have caused him some stress in the moment, it appears it has become Jacques’ favorite new thing to play with, as his mom posted a video that night showing him happily playing with the football at his house.