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World’s Hairiest Baby Is Now a Model

Hair for days.


On January 7, Pantene announced their newest hair model: one-year-old Chanco. The baby, who went viral on Instagram last May, stars in both the brand’s new Japan ad and her own online movie titled The Hairy Tale.

“We feel [Chanco’s] beautiful hair has strong power that makes people positively move forward,” said Yoshiaki Okura, P&G Japan Hair Care Associate Brand Director. “And we also support her mother’s positiveness to post wonderful moments with Chanco.”

The Japanese child, who turned one on December 23, originally rose to fame thanks to her unusually full head of hair. Her Instagram account Baby Chanco, run by mom Mami Kano, started with a selfie posted in early 2018 when Chanco was just six months old and now has over 322,000 followers.

“I’m so surprised with the reaction, but also very proud of the praise from many countries,” her mom says. Not only is Chanco featured in the new Pantene ad along with Japanese TV announcer Sato Kondo (known for her gorgeous gray hair), but she’s also the leading lady in The Hairy Tale, a short film released on YouTube.

The movie description, translated from Japanese to English, reads, “This is [a] lovely story about babychanco, a baby with unique hair. Despite looking different from other babies, babychanco is loved worldwide for her naturally thick hair. If everyone can learn to love their differences, this world may become a much nicer place.”

So what’s the secret to Chanco’s luscious locks? “Brushing and just let her live as she is,” reveals TK, adding, “I prefer to keep her hair long, and in the future, I want to try some new arrangements, like braids.”