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Avoid Holiday Hassle With an Easy-to-Assemble Pop-Up Christmas Tree

O Pop-up Tree, O Pop-up Tree, how easy thy were to assemble.

Real Christmas trees are wonderful. They provide a pleasant pine scent that fills your home and they certainly look beautiful, but trees can be a massive hassle and take a lot of time to decorate. For stressed-out parents who are dreading finding, buying, or even just decorating a Christmas tree this year, there’s a tree for that. Parents don’t even have to go to a Christmas tree farm to get it. They’re called pop-up trees.

Pop-up trees are what they sound like. They are artificial trees that come pre-assembled, usually with all the fixings (lights, ribbons, and ornaments). These trees sound similar to fake trees, but unlike, faux Christmas trees, they’re very easy to store. Parents might spend an afternoon trying to shove the fake tree back into a closet. If they’re lucky enough to have space to store the tree, they’ll notice it might take up an entire corner of the basement or attic. Pop-up trees collapse, so they just can form a small ring of fake pine branches that can be shoved underneath a bed or at the bottom of a closet.

Varying dramatically in size from 4 feet to 7.5 feet, parents can customize what kind of tree they want. There are modern-looking tinsel trees, which come in a variety of colors, or the good old-fashioned ones that closely resemble pine or fir trees. The tree below is 4 feet tall and available at Walmart

If you’re ready to cross an item off of your very long holiday to-do list, maybe consider getting a pop-up tree to avoid extra stress this year. Your family might not even know the difference.