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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Is Already Out On Digital Download: Here’s What to Know

It's already here!


Eager Marvel movie fans will be able to download Avengers: Infinity War on digital starting tomorrow July 31st, but for a physical copy, they’ll have to wait until it’s available on Blu-ray on August 14th.

Digital purchases of Infinity War will include bonus features including footage of a ‘30-minute roundtable with Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) directors Anthony and Joe Russo, Jon Favreau, Joss Whedon, James Gunn, Ryan Coogler, Peyton Reed, and Taika Waititi who reflect on how their movies contribute to the MCU’s larger storytelling adventure.’

Other bonus features include a few deleted and extended scenes along with revisiting how characters within the universe first met and an in-depth character study of the new, mega-villain Thanos.

When Avengers: Infinity War came out in April it had the biggest opening weekend of all time with an estimated $380 million worldwide and became the fourth movie to ever cross over the $2 billion threshold. Infinity War also gained notoriety for having the biggest dramatic turn in MCU history with a scene so shocking, Marvel Studios jokingly held counseling sessions at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

The fourth Avengers film is set to come out May 2019 with a title that’s going to be revealed at the end of this year, according to Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige.

Pre-orders of Avengers: Infinity War for Blu-ray and 4K UHD Blu-Ray are available now.