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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Lego Sets Are Here

Avengers, assemble, indeed

The massive box office success of Avengers: Endgame came after years of speculation and anticipation from Marvel fans.Now that it’s over, the best way to fill that Marvel-shaped hole in your life is with some kickass Lego sets inspired by the film.

The five sets announced by LEGO run the gamut from small, quick-to-assemble builds to elaborate, complicated ones that take hours. What they all have in common: the building experience and attention to detail we’ve come to expect from the venerable toymaker and a way of faithfully capturing some aspect of Endgame.

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First up: Captain America: Outriders Attack, a badass motorcycle that comes complete with flame-spewing exhaust pipes, two shield shooters, a Cap minifigure and three Outriders for him to defeat. For just $20, you get a 167-piece set that, when assembled, becomes an 8-inch long motorcycle your kid will be wheeling all over the house.

A posable mech set that comes complete with plenty of minifigures.

The 362-piece War Machine Buster sets up a confrontation between War Machine and Ant-Man (complete with helmets!) on one side and two Outriders on the other. The six-inch tall mech features a cockpit that fits a minifigure, a six-stud rapid shooter, two detachable cannons, and two flick missiles.

If you or your kid loves minifigures most of all, this is the set for you.

The 524-piece Iron Man Hall of Armor set comes with five different Iron Man suits and an Outrider. Kids can take apart and rearrange each module to their heart’s content while also swapping out the minifigures in the rotating podium with robotic arms. There are also tons of different accessories inspired by Endgame. Think a jet pack, wrench, radar dish, and fire extinguisher: all stuff you’d find inside any Stark Industries lab.

The best non-Millenium Falcon Lego set for bombing around the galaxy.

This 838-piece Avengers Ultimate Quinjet set also comes with a great array of minifigures — Black Widow, Hawkeye, Rocket, Thor, and two Chiaturi — but it’s really all about the Quinjet itself. It’s a sleek, intricate airship with two stud shooters, multiple compartments that open and close, and adjustable wings and spinning rotors. There’s also a sweet trike that fits inside the rear compartment of the ship, ready to be wheeled out once the Quinjet lands. It retails for $80.

If the movie lives up to this set, we'll be more than happy.

Last but far from least is the 699-piece Avengers Compound Battle. It’s centered around the building, a garage with helipad and satellite dish connected to a two-story office building complete with Avengers logos and a roof-mounted blaster. The set also comes with an offroader and a helicopter, as well as four minifigures (Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Nebula, and an Outrider), one microfigure (Ant-Man), and two posable larger figures (Hulk and Thanos). At $100, it’s the most expensive set of the lot, but for the price you get the most challenging build and most varied play experiences.

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