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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Leak Might Mean Iron Man Becomes Thanos

Maybe the only way to defeat an Infinity Gauntlet is with an Infinity Gauntlet of your own.

Marvel Studios

It’s April, which means it’s finally the month that Avengers: Endgame hits theatres. As April 26 gets closer and closer, new theories about what’s going to happen in the film are flying around the internet. But it’s new evidence that supports an older theory that’s piqued our interest today, though the fact that it’s April 1 does make us extra cautious.

The theory posted to Reddit was originally posted to 4chan, maybe the least reputable corner of the internet, 11 months ago. Its basic premise is that Iron Man decides to build his own Infinity Gauntlet to undo the damage done by Thanos, and that he recruits Ant-Man to travel through time and collect the Infinity stones from different eras.

Hawkeye’s role is to protect the unfinished Gauntlet from Thanos and his allies, playing what the poster calls an “instrumental” role in Thanos’s defeat.

Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk finally merge to become Professor Hulk, who wields the Gauntlet assembled by Stark to fight Thanos, losing his arm in the fight.

It’s a wild theory, but Boy Genius Report points to three leaks from the past week that suggest there might be something to it.

First, an Endgame Lego set of a lab at the new Avengers headquarters has a laptop with a screen that shows an Infinity Gauntlet. It supports the theory that the Avengers, led by technological genius Tony Stark, will attempt to make their own Gauntlet to battle Thanos.

Second, another toy leak, this one on Reddit, shows packaging that reads “Bruce Banner masters his temper to become the giant, super-strong hero, Hulk.” Now, obviously, the Banner/Hulk dynamic until now has been one of uncontrollable anger. This package suggests that Banner finally gains control over his powers, just as the 4chan theory suggested he would.

The final piece of evidence supporting this theory comes not from a toy company but from the Marvel empire itself. The studio accidentally included unaltered footage in a 3D version of the second trailer for the film that shows Hawkeye running through the same headquarters depicted in the Lego set. Something detonates an explosion, and Thanos’s minions are seen scattering as Hawkeye escapes.

So three separate points from the same theory have been supported by toy leaks and trailer footage, two historically reliable sources of information for Marvel spoilers. It could be a series of coincidences, but the fact that three different sources support three different points of the theory suggests that whoever the original poster is, he or she could be right about the bulk of the plot of the film.