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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Reviews Say It’s the Greatest Movie Ever

We're all in for a treat.

Marvel Entertainment

The world premiere of Avengers: Endgame was last night in Los Angeles, which means we’re finally hearing from some folks who’ve seen the movie who aren’t named Russo. And while there aren’t any formal reviews out yet—we assume due to last night’s attendees agreeing to sell their firstborn to Marvel if they post too early—plenty of folks well-connected enough to snag an invite are posting their first (spoiler-free) reactions to Twitter.

Long story short: they love it. We searched and searched and couldn’t find anyone who didn’t seem overjoyed with how good the movie is. And these aren’t “not bad” or “pretty good” or “at least it was better than Thor: The Dark World” reviews. These are people gushing over a movie that we all knew was going to make billions, but, if the rest of the world loves it was much as these people did, will go down as an all-time blockbuster classic.

For many, the experience was simply overwhelming, which isn’t exactly surprising for a movie this highly anticipated that’s over three hours long.

Others took the opportunity to reflect on the Marvel Cinematic Universe which, despite Marvel’s impromptu announcement, feels like is closing a chapter now.

Plenty of fans said the film literally brought them to tears, though they didn’t share the exact reason why.

And they weren’t the only ones.

You, a lowly plebian without Hollywood connections, can see and tweet about the movie starting Thursday night, assuming, of course, that you were able to get tickets.