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Thor Busts Out an Acoustic Guitar in This ‘Endgame’ “Deleted Scene”

Everybody hurts.

Think Johnny Cash did the best version of the Nine Inch Nails classic “Hurt”? Think again. Turns out, the God of Thunder, Thor of Asgard actually belts out an excellent, and emotional take on the song.

On Wednesday night, on The Tonight Show, Chris Hemsworth debuted what you could think of as a “deleted scene,” from Avengers: Endgame. Now, we wouldn’t mind watching an entire movie about sad Thor from Avengers: Endgame. Seeing Chris Hemsworth drinking beer, playing video games, and wallowing in self-pity was relatable, as was the dad bod he developed. Luckily for us, Chris Hemsworth shared a clip that didn’t make the final cut of the film. Well, it’s not really a deleted scene, or was it?

“I have a little something, this is a world first no one’s seen this before,” Hemsworth teased Jimmy Fallon. “I didn’t even know if I was ever gonna show it.”

In order to to get sad enough to portray a guy who couldn’t stop half his friends from being snapped out of existence, Hemsworth played what he correctly called “the saddest song in the world.”

He was talking, of course, about “Hurt,” the Nine Inch Nails song memorably covered by Johnny Cash just before his death.

While the line “Everyone I know goes away in the end” doesn’t quite describe what happened to Thor — it was only half of the people he knew and, spoiler alert, they come back anyway — but it’s definitely appropriate for some method acting.

The self-effacing Hemsworth introduced the clip by saying “I’m a terrible singer and a terrible guitarist,” but he actually sounds pretty good. Turns out being impossibly handsome and muscular and Australian and a funny dad wasn’t enough for him: the guy can play too.

The clip is sadly incomplete, and we only hear a few lines of Hemsworth’s rendition. Hopefully, we get to see the complete version in a feature-length Dad-Bod Thor movie. What better way to kick off phase four of the multiverse?

Side note: Thor sings Nine Inch Nails songs. Captain Marvel wore a Nine Inch Nails shirt in Captain Marvel. Loki is time traveling in the new Loki show. So, this means that Loki will either meet Nine Inch Nails in the ’90s, Johnny Cash in the ’60s or all of the above.