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This Extremely Helpful Chart Reminds You Which Avengers Are Still Alive for ‘Endgame’

Because you probably don't remember if Nick Fury made it.


It’s been a while since Avengers: Infinity War was in theaters, and while you definitely remember Thanos vaporizing half the universe you may not quite remember which Avengers survived. That’s kind of important information heading into Endgame, but you might not have time to re-watch the movies you need to catch up on during this inopportunely-timed holiday weekend.

Thankfully, the good folks at Venngage, an online visualization tool, created a couple of helpful infographics to jog your memory before you see Endgame next week, assuming you were able to secure tickets in the mad, website-crashing dash, that ensued after presales opened. It shows that the original Avengers survived (for some reason), many were dusted by Thanos, and that four are deceased as far as we know, although you can never be sure with this series.

Given the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Far from Home and the fact that plenty of the vanquished characters will appear in Disney+ series, we’re more interested in how they make a comeback in Endgame than whether or not it will happen.

The other infographic shows where our heroes ended up, information that could be even more important to what happens in Endgame. Captain Marvel and Valkyrie are MIA, but we do know that most of the Avengers are in Wakanda, on Titan, or on Earth, with a few scattered elsewhere.

Keeping track of the Avengers status and location from the end of Infinity War will definitely make seeing Endgame a better experience, so make sure you take a look at these useful cheat sheets at some point, even if it’s on your phone after you pick up your popcorn.