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This Australian Zoo Keeper is the Mozart of Bottle Feeding

This couple hosts up to 50 kangaroo joeys at a time.


The owners of a rescue shelter in Victoria, Australia have recently broken the record for most kangaroo joeys fed at once. Tony and Theresa Matthews of the Our Haven Wildlife Shelter built an interesting looking contraption that holds 10 baby bottles in place so that an entire troop of joeys can get their licks at once. It’s a remarkable scene.

In older videos, Tony can be seen feeding up to five joeys at once, but it looked cumbersome. Each bottle had to carefully be held in between his fingers. That’s a lot of work considering the fact that their shelter is home to 20 to 50 Kangaroo’s who need to be bottle fed until their at least 18-months old.

In the new video, which was originally posted to Facebook, Theresa pointed out that each of the baby roo’s gets their own bottle with their name labeled on it. As they squeeze close and bend their necks over one another to get to the bottles, it’s not very clear if they are sticking to the right bottles. Kangaroos are sloppy like and terrible readers. 

Interestingly, Kangaroo’s actually use bottles for a little bit longer than human babies. Normally, it’s recommended that parents only keep their kids on the bottle for about 12-months, or 18-months at an absolute maximum. When a Grey Kangaroo joey is born, its body isn’t strong or developed enough to leave their mom’s pouch for almost another year. They can nurse for twice that if not longer. This is not uncommon for marsupials — part of the whole pouch deal.

Man Bottle Feeds Orphaned Kangaroo Joeys <3via – JukinMedia

Posted by Diply on Saturday, September 10, 2016