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Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Paw Patrol’ Pancakes Receive Poor Reviews From His Daughter

Maybe next time, Kutch.


Making the perfect pancake is already a challenge that has felled many a dad. It’s therefore no surprise that Ashton Kutcher was left feeling humbled after trying, and failing, to make his 3-year-old daughter a Paw Patrol-themed pancake breakfast. While the pancake he posted to Instagram looked like a dog, it’s hard to say just by looking exactly which Paw Patrol character he was going for.

Unfortunately, according to Kutcher’s post, his daughter Wyatt was far from impressed. In the second half of the post, Kutcher added “My daughter [says], ‘what’s this suppose to be?’”

To Kutcher’s credit, he’s not a chef, nor does he play one on TV. You would think that an actor would have more-than-enough free time in between movies to master a skill as universal as cooking, but Kutcher isn’t a typical actor. On top of his main profession, he also works as a philanthropist for various causes. 

In 2012 Kutcher and his then-wife, actress Demi Moore, started the DNA Foundation, an international anti-sex trafficking organization that’s focused on specifically ending the sexual exploitation of young children. Kutcher has also worked with Habitat for Humanity and UNICEF on a handful of global and national initiatives. So, while he may not know how to cook a good pancake, he has plenty of his plate anyway.