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As If! Alicia Silverstone Crashes New Netflix ‘Baby-Sitters Club’

The series has already begun production.


Anyone who lived and breathed in the 1980s and 90s surely remembers the seminal classic The Baby-Sitters Club. The hugely popular book series by Ann M. Martin followed five young girls as they navigated their babysitting business, all while sporting acid-washed jeans and chunky sweaters. Netflix recently announced that their 10-episode adaptation will star Alicia Silverstone, who herself was a sweetheart of the 90s (Clueless, duh).

Silverstone will play Kristy’s mother, Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer, who we don’t really see too much of in the books. Mark Feuerstrin (Sex and the City, The West Wing) was also announced to play her love interest, Watson Brewer.

Perhaps the Netflix series will place a larger focus on the adult characters? That would be a welcome change, considering that the girls often found themselves in several sticky situations (like getting stranded on an island with the children they’re watching) and we rarely saw how (or if) their parents got involved. Sure, they were capable young adults, but they were still minors living under their parents’ roofs.

Either way, the adaption is already off to a great start given the cast and production team. The show is being showrun by Rachel Shukert, who previously worked on Glow, the streaming service’s hit series about female wrestlers in the 1980s. Lucia Aniello of Comedy Central’s Broad City is on board to direct and produce. Now, excuse me, I’ll be dusting off my BSC book collection in preparation for the series, which doesn’t yet have a firm launch date.