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This “Realistic” Rendering of Hey Arnold is Genuinely Horrifying

Turns out there's a reason humans don't have football-shaped heads.

Instagram: Miguel Vasquez

Artist Miguel Vasquez is back to once again ruin all of our childhoods by imagining what our favorite cartoon characters would look like in the real world. This time, it’s Hey Arnold! and the sincerely terrifying photos prove that there’s a reason that humans don’t actually have heads that are shaped like a football.

The 3D artist, who is based in Ontario, California, has become a bit of an internet icon due to his realistic renderings of beloved cartoons. While his art is highly distasteful, there’s no doubt that it takes some serious technical skill and a lot of imagination to transform a cartoon into a realistic rendering while maintaining its indistinguishable characteristics. And his version of Arnold is another frightening masterpiece, as it is difficult not to be impressed by just how disturbing Arnold would look if he jumped out of our TVs and began walking among us in the real world.

Vasquez also showed what Arnold’s best friend Gerald would look like as well and while he’s not nearly as horrifying as Arnold, the results are still absolutely bonkers.

This is not the first time that Vasquez has gone viral for his disturbing reinterpretation of beloved animated characters. He is most famous for his nightmarish interpretation of SpongeBob SquarePants and his Asteroidea pal Patrick.

He also did an IRL version of donut-enthusiast Homer Simpson that will

What cartoon character will Vasquez forever destroy next? We can’t wait to find out. Unless it’s Woody and Buzz because some things are sacred…