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This Artist Created Real-Life Versions of All Your Favorite Classic Disney Characters

The popular Instagram artist has actually been making these drawings for years.

Instagram @jirkavinse

One of the fun things about animated movies is that while the characters can often appear human, in that they have arms, legs, and a face, there is still this firm disconnect between the viewer and what’s taking place on the screen. Everything that’s going through your mind as you watch one is telling you “this isn’t real.” That being the case it tends to be pretty mind-blowing when a new layer of realism is injected into the whole thing. That exactly what  Instagram user Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen is doing with his insanely realistic renderings of iconic Disney characters.

Väätäinen is a Finnish artist who has been drawing his version of Disney characters for the past few years. Not only do they look realistic, but Väätäinen manages to still capture the essence of the character’s face without letting it get too cartoony. Rather, his drawings genuinely look exactly the way the character would look were they real. He finished college with a BA in graphic design back in 2012 and has been working as a designer for the last six years, along with releasing his extremely popular interpretations of nearly 50 classic Disney characters.

Per his website, Väätäinen’s work has been featured in everything from the Huffington Post to E-Online. While he’s been living as a designer for years, Väätäinen has only just risen to popularity due to his drawings of Disney characters, which include everyone from Peter Pan to Rapunzel to Moana. Check out some of our favorites down below and check out the rest on his Instagram or official website.