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An Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses As Badass Noir Heroines

You've never seen your favorite princesses like this.

Astor Alexander

Forget sparkly tiaras and poofy dresses—these dark and dangerous Disney princesses are more Lara Croft than Lady Di. Illustrated by artist Astor Alexander, the drawings are part of a series called “Noir Princesses,” where the leading ladies are recreated in the style of 1940s detective dramas.

How was Alexander able to transform these beloved characters into such a specific and gritty genre? The artist described his process in an interview with Impulse Gamer: “For most pieces I figure out the composition on a 3D app, then I take reference photos for the characters. I import the photo into the photoshop file and paint over it.”

Alexander’s unique approach paid off, as his illustrations allow Disney fans to see these princesses in a brand new light. Take Snow White, for starters, who’s morphed from fair maiden to femme fatale. And her cronies? “The Unlawful Seven,” who we doubt will be whistling while they work in this vampy version of the classic.

Wicked John Ratcliffe might want to watch his back because his Native American nemesis is locked and loaded this time around. Just call her Private Eye Pocahontas…

Don’t be fooled by the glass slippers—this seductive Cinderella is a far cry from the polished princess of Disney past. And if the gun-toting garter is any indication, she may finally get revenge on her evil stepmother.

Princess Ariel has traded her flippers for firearms in this recreation of The Little Mermaid. While the artist kept her famous fiery locks, he also put her in a more sensible wetsuit—after all, a clamshell bra seems impractical for a “High Sea Robbery.”

You can see the rest of Alexander’s illustrations here.