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Are You Ready For A Muppets Show With Pubic Hair Jokes?

Miss the premiere of the new Muppets show on ABC last night? Depending on how fondly you treasure those lovable puppets, that might be a good thing: If you were already iffy on cross-species romance or implied furry-ism, you might not want them as part of your kids’ childhood, either.

In this latest incarnation, The Muppets provides a satirical, mocumentary-style take on television itself, featuring the gang working on late-night talk show hosted by Miss Piggy. That premise is straightforward enough except that ABC has made an effort to prove this is “not your grandmother’s Muppets,” which apparently means Fozzie Bear namechecks Grindr and Miss Piggy’s pubic hair is joke-worthy. Yup, your grandmother would be rolling over in her grave if she wasn’t actually alive and just too busy watching NCIS on CBS to even care.

The group One Million Moms went so far as to call the new Muppets “perverted,” meaning if you did happen to gather the family around the TV last night, your kids probably forced you to answer some tough questions like “Why are we watching that dark box in the corner” and “Seriously, Dad, you made me look up from my iPad for this?”