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The Data Geeks Have Finally Figured Out If You’re Calling Your Mother Enough

Mother’s Day has come and gone if you did your homework, you killed it with your wife — but what about your mom? Did you call her? She brought you into this world and while she might not be able to take you out of it anymore (she’s shrinking), she can sure guilt trip you about not calling her enough. Fortunately, the data geeks at FiveThirtyEight decided to point their nerd phasers at the question of how often adults call their mothers and, based on their analysis, you’re probably calling her just the right amount.

Their survey looked at 194 mothers and 513 adults who do not live with their parents, and found that 54 percent of adults thought they should call weekly to a couple times a week, whereas 49 percent of moms reported that was exactly how much contact they wanted. Although the questionnaire only asked offspring how often the should call rather than how much they did, 69 percent of mothers still said they wanted their kids to call the same amount as they already did. In other words, yo mamma is so … content.

That is, unless she’s a part of the 8 percent of moms who actually admitted they wanted their kids to call less, which presumably is some sort of passive aggressive tactic being used to guilt those kids into producing more (any?) grand-babies. Unfortunately there’s no data on this topic regarding fathers, but that’s okay. All your dad wants for Father’s Day is some peace and quiet.

[H/T] FiveThirtyEight