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The Best Kids Horror Anthology of the ’90s Is Becoming a Movie

A feature-film adaptation of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' is officially in the works from one of the writers behind 'IT'


Submitted for approval of the Midnight Society. Nickelodeon’s classic horror anthology series Are You Afraid of the Dark is officially being adapted into a feature-length film. Paramount Players, the new studio division of Paramount behind the project, snagged the perfect screenwriter to pen it: Gary Dauberman, who co-wrote this summer’s horror hit IT.

The original 90s show centered on a group of kids telling scary stories in the woods. Each week, the “Midnight Society” would meet around a campfire at a secret location to tell a new tale, which would then become the focus of the episode. Many episodes were adaptations of popular fairy tales or urban legends, and, while most of the stories closed with relatively happy endings, the show was known for pushing limits with its dark tone (Check out The Tale of the Dollmaker, which sees two little girls transported to and trapped within a dollhouse, if you don’t believe us)

Are You Afraid of the Dark ran from 1990 to 1996, followed by a short revival in 1999. The series was massively popular and spawned its own book series, but this new adaptation will be the first time the franchise hits the big screen.

How they are going to adapt the series into a standalone film is anybody’s guess. But chances are it will revolve around the members of the Midnight Society and a real-life horror plot that unravels around them.

Whatever the case, Dauberman seems to be the man for the job. He was also responsible for Conjuring spinoffs Anabelle and Anabelle: Creation. And, considering how well he handled the story of another group of kids facing their fears in IT, he’s beyond qualified to write this adaptation. No word yet, though, on whether anyone will get their arm nibbled off.