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Why Applebees And IHOP Taking Soda Off The Menu Won’t Make Your Kid Skinny

When Tom Brady went on a tirade against sugary drinks a few months back, most of America was like, “Whatever, Tom: DEFLATED FOOTBALLS!” but apparently the folks at Applebees and IHOP were listening. Both restaurants just decided to wipe sodas from their kid’s menus. That’s one small step for Tom Brady, one large step for parents who want their kids to make healthier eating choices, and totally irrelevant to Patriots haters everywhere.

Kids under 12 (or parents with seriously limited palates) will now have to choose from apple juice, orange juice, milk, or chocolate milk — drinks that still contain their fair share of sugar but probably less than 39 grams you’ll find in a 12-ounce Coke. More importantly, the move has potential to alter kids eating behavior: Researchers at Tufts University found that when they’re given a limited, default menu of healthy options, kids tend to order from it rather than look outside of it. That’s a good thing, considering that there’s technically nothing to stop the little buggers from just ordering the damn Coke off the adult menu when you’re not looking.

So, good on Applebees and IHOP. Their concern for your kid’s well being is enough to put a smile on an IHOP Create-A-Face pancake (which, incidentally, contains 27 grams of sugar). Maybe you and your kid can celebrate their new healthy food choices with an IHOP Banana crepe with Nutella or an Applebee’s Oreo Cookie Sundae. Unless you’re Tom Brady, in which case your kid will probably never taste anything delicious, ever.

[H/T]: Eater