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Good News For Disney Plus: Early Reviews Make Apple TV+ Sound Barely Watchable

There might be ONE show for dads, but still.

Credit: AppleTV

When it comes to streaming TV, families are getting into a place where it’s hard to know what is worth watching. Between Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, and all the other new streaming services on the horizon, it’s hard to know which of your old faithful, like Netflix, you’re even going to be using in a few years. But, early reviews for the original programming on Apple TV+ might make one decision for you way easier. According to early critics, these shows are mostly…not good?

Because the new streaming Disney+ is launching on November 12, it’s easy to forget that Apple TV+ is launching on November 1, which is, literally this week. If you want this new streaming service, it will cost you an extra $4.99 a month. But is it worth it? If early reviews of four new TV shows are to believed, the answer is a big NOPE.

Looking at reviews from reliable entertainment publications like TV Guide and Variety, four the new series on AppleTV range from either unwatchable to dull. Nobody can commit to praising Jennifer Aniston-lead series The Morning Show and TV Guide called it “wasted potential. Meanwhile, the “hip” retelling of the life of Emily Dickinson seems to be confusing critics more than anything. Variety called the series, just titled Dickinson, “It’s not a parody, nor entirely sincere.”

And then there’s the Jason Moama fantasy series? Remember that thing? It’s just called See? Well, apparently according to critics you should not see it. Like at all.

Of all the new shows on Apple TV+, the only series that is getting okay reviews is a show called For All Mankind. This one is an alternate history series in which the space race of the 1960s between America and the USSR never ended; mostly because in this show, the Russians landed on the moon, first. So, think Mad Men meets Man in the High Castle. TV Guide literally said, “This is a good show for dads or anyone else who has desired to make giant leaps for mankind.”

Now, these four shows do not represent everything coming to AppleTV+, but if the early buzz on these shows is this lukewarm, would are you really that excited to spend your money with the promise that the Oprah book club show, or the deranged Sesame Street coding show, The Helpster is going to be good?

Disney+ might not have amazing original programming. We have no idea if The Mandalorian will be good or not. But, one thing is for sure. It’s probably better than Jason Momoa’s See.

Apple TV+ debuts this week.

Disney+ starts streaming on November 12.