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Apple iPhone 11 Price Isn’t Worth It For Families On a Budget

For strapped budgets, the iPhone 11 is the last thing you need to worry about.


Apple is going to try to get you to buy their newest phone right now. And here’s the thing, you probably shouldn’t. Unless you need a new phone, getting the iPhone 11 is a dumb move. Why? Well, even though the new models are being touted as “more affordable” iPhones are still absurdly expensive. Plus, Apple is going to try and lure you in with a promise of a new subscription to their streaming service. But, think about it: Do you really want to spend this money right now?

Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

  • iPhone 11 (regular) $699
  • iPhone 11 pro $999
  • iPhone 11 pro Max $1099

Apple is also dropping the price of the iPhone 8 to $449. In theory, all of this sounds like Apple is trying to make its products more affordable, which is totally true. But think about this: if you have a phone that still works, you don’t actually need to ever buy the next iPhone until your existing phone breaks. I had an iPhone 4 (yep that’s right a 4!) until 2017 when my daughter was born. Only then, did I upgrade to an iPhone 7, which guess what, I’m still using!! There is nothing wrong with the phone I purchased two years ago, mostly because I’m still paying it off.

I’d like for everyone who is somewhere in their mid-to-late thirties or their forties to reflect for a moment. When I was really excited for the third studio album from the Strokes, I owned my phone entirely. When The Force Awakens came out, I owned my phone. Regardless of how “affordable” Apple tries to make its new gizmos, the constant encouragement to upgrade to the newest model is costing us money that is totally unnecessary.  Need a new phone from Apple? But that iPhone 8 for $449 and then wait a year for the iPhone X or 11 to come down in price.

Or, if you really want to save some dough, do what a lot of savvy dads I know are doing right now: Switch to the Google Pixel 3a. Guess how much that sucker costs? Ready? $400 bucks. Sure, Google is about to unveil the Pixel4 — and that’s a whole other thing — but for right now, if you want to bring your phone bill down, and not have to be paying off a fancy new iPhone, resist the urge to give into the hype.

iPhones are very cool. Apple makes some amazing products. But, that doesn’t mean you have to buy-into all their schemes of built-in obsolescence. Resist! Keep your old iPhone! And, if you’re like me, plan on switching back to flip-phone once your toddler becomes a teenager.