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Anthony Bourdain’s Daughter Performs Days After His Death

The late celebrity chef's only daughter sang at an East Village Club on Sunday.

Instagram / ottaviabourdain

Anthony Bourdain’s 11-year-old daughter performed in a rock ‘n roll concert just days after his death. Eleven-year-old Ariane Bourdain performed at the East Village Club DROM on Sunday. Her mother and Bourdain’s ex-wife Ottavia Busia, shared a photo of the celebrity chef’s only daughter on stage singing in front of the band. Busia directly addressed the caption to her late ex-husband: “Our little girl had her concert today. She was amazing. So strong and brave. She wore the boots you bought her. I hope you are having a good trip, wherever you are.”


The concert was part of School of Rock New York City, a music education program that emphasizes live performance and teamwork for aspiring young musicians. Sunday’s performance featured the music of The Clash, Queen, Beck, and the Beastie Boys.

The late Bourdain was a well-known fan of rock music. He featured musicians such as Ted Nugent and the Black Keys on his shows and wrote fondly about the punk music—Dead Boys, Richard Hell, Ramones, Television—he played in the kitchen during his pre-television career as a New York chef.

In his cookbook Appetites, Bourdain wrote that fatherhood was “the biggest and most important of jobs: the love and care of another human being.” He shared multiple photos on Instagram celebrating their adventures together. Bourdain made a point of never shooting back-to-back episodes so he would have time to return to New York to spend time with her.

The late chef, who became a father at age 50, wrote that “Fatherhood has been an enormous relief, as I am now genetically, instinctually compelled to care more about someone other than myself. I like being a father. No, I love being a father. Everything about it.”