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And Survey Says … Dadbods Have The Most Sex

A new study says “dadbod” — the term coined for men who used to have a six pack but now have one every night— is officially the look most women prefer. If you have the arms of a Greek god and a stomach that loves Greek fries, there’s a good chance you’ve had more sex than your local Fabio.

To find out who gets the most play, Chapman University conducted an online survey of 60,000 straight men and women at an average age of 37. By comparing height and BMI (body mass index) to number of sexual partners, the study concluded that “tall and chubby” is the look you should have strived for as a throbbing pubescent. Using the terminology of the CDC guidelines, here are BMI classifications matched with their average number of sex partners:

• Underweight: 4
• Healthy Weight: 6
• Overweight: 8
• Obese I: 8
• Obese II: 5
• Obese III: 5

Height proved to be less of a determinant as every category from “short” to “extremely tall” averaged 7 partners. The only people whose height played a role were the “very short” (5’2″-5’4″), who averaged 5 partners, presumably because they’re busy doing the same thing they do every day: trying to take over the world.