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Amy Schumer To Star In Sony’s Live Action Barbie Movie

With movies like Moana currently crushing it at the box office, parents raising badass daughters should be more than ready for a funny Barbie feature film, right? Not if Barbie is played comedian Amy Schumer, apparently. Whether it’s because she doesn’t fit the typical doll mold, past problems regarding racial sensitivity, or the simple fact that don’t want your kid to ever talk about catching dicks, some parents are calling her casting a bit of a Trainwreck.

amy schumer child pageant

Before you freak out and do something crazy (like use a hashtag), Deadline reports that the premise behind the Sony Pictures production is not so bad. The live-action movie follows Barbie after she’s been booted from Barbieland for being too different. When she returns after a series of miss adventures, she learns that perfection comes from the inside. How much of it will be like Inside Amy Schumer is anyone’s guess … but note that it’s slated to be a PG flick. Schumer and her sister Kim Caramele are currently working on a rewrite of the script, so critics could consider this her tramp-stamp of approval.

There’s currently no set release date, which means you have plenty of time to mentally prepare for Schumer, whose deal is being finalized. Mattel has signed off, and all the studio needs is a director to sign on — and they’re reportedly looking for a woman to fill that role. Cheer up. Even if you have to sit next to your daughter during this one, it can’t be as bad as that time she dragged you to Jem And The Holograms.

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