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Amy Schumer Opens Up About Why She Stopped Breastfeeding

Or how she learned to stop worrying and love formula.


Amy Schumer has never been shy about sharing her feelings—bluntness is a big part of her stand-up and public persona. But her honesty took on an unusually earnest sheen in a recent appearance on the Informed Pregnancy podcast.

In an interview with childbirth expert Dr. Elliot Berlin, the host of the show, Schumer shared her struggles with breastfeeding and why she started opting for formula.

“I had a lactation expert; Gene didn’t latch, and I just didn’t feel that push to make that happen,” she explained. “I pumped for the first month or something, and then I was like, not for me, this is not for me, I didn’t want to do it.”

While there are some benefits to breastfeeding, it’s not the right choice for all families. And formula is perfectly safe for babies, particularly if it means their mother has a much better quality of life.

Schumer started pumping less and eventually made the switch to formula for 100 percent of feedings, becoming something of an evangelist for it in the process.

“I really encourage women — there’s so much pressure to breastfeed, but really, it’s all in your head,” said Schumer, though she was careful not to judge women who breastfeed successfully.

“Some people absolutely love it, and I’m so happy for them, but it was bumming me out. Once it occurred to me that I could stop, I was like, ‘I’m going stop.’ You matter. It’s going to better for your baby that you’re OK.”