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Almost Half Of Americans Think Gender Inequality Is No Longer A Problem

Whether you’re raising a little dude or dudette, the idea of explaining gender politics to them is understandably daunting. It’s not like you totally understand why women make less money (especially ones with kids), let alone why anyone would use an Easy-Bake Oven, regardless of what color it is. But if you ask the same people that the PEW Research Center recently polled, you have about a 50-50 chance of being let off the hook. A recent survey of 4,602 people revealed that 45 percent of men and women believe “obstacles that made it harder for women to get ahead are largely gone.” And they can quit all their damn yapping about it too, they added.

As expected, there is a bit of a gender divide when it comes to whether or not there’s a gender divide. While a majority of men, 56 percent, did not think women face additional obstacles, only 34 percent of women agreed with that assessment. When you combine gender with politics, this gap gets much wider with 75 percent of republican men and 50 percent of republican women claiming genders are equal, compared to 39 percent of democratic men and 23 percent of democratic women. If only they chose presidential candidates so everyone could see how this plays out … Oh, wait.

But just because a portion of 4,602 people do not think gender inequality is still a thing, doesn’t mean you or your kid should. (If 4,602 people jumped off a cliff, would you?) Before anyone pulls a muscle patting themselves on the back, an overwhelming amount of research suggests that the deck may still be stacked against your daughter. You might want to play it safe and keep working on it until she’s finally making 6 figures in a STEM field.

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