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Blow Your Dinosaur-Loving Kid’s Mind With This Time-Lapse Video Of The Biggest Titanosaurus Ever

If you have one of those kids who’s always like, “Damn, dinosaurs are big!”, here’s a time-lapse video of the largest dinosaur ever discovered being assembled at the Museum Of Natural History in New York:

[youtube expand=1]

You’re welcome. For further kid mind-blowing material, read on ….

Titanosaurs were the most massive land animals in the history of land — this sucker came in at 122-feet long and likely weighed something like 70 tons. Since your kid’s tiny brain is going to have trouble conceptualizing that, explain that he could poke its snout into the window of a 6-story building, weighed more than an entire herd of elephants, and had a thigh bone longer than a full-grown man.

Paleontologists know titanosaurs overtook the beloved brontosauruses of the Flinstone … er … Jurassic period and went on to totally dominate vegetarian life (“You got a problem, tree?!) on the planet until that unfortunate event with the meteor about 66 million years ago. But this guy is so huge, they don’t even have a name for it yet, so see what you and the kid can come with. Tremendosaurus? Ginormosaurus? Hevisaurus? Sorry — that one’s taken.