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Your Kid’s Addiction To Grilled Cheese Just Might Solve The Looming Cheese Crisis

Your kid might be a picky eater, but there’s no such thing as a kid too picky to eat grilled cheese. Fortunately, your solution to dinner time might also be the solution to the latest food surplus in America: cheese. For members of the dairy industry, the spike in supply without a comparable demand is a problem, but for you and your family it’s mostly delicious.

The U.S. has officially reached a 30-year cheese peak, with about 1.2 billion pounds of it currently stockpiled and a majority of it is American produced. This year alone the amount of cheese classified as American made increased 14 percent — the equivalent of 91 million pounds. The problem is that the supply of European cheese (read: better cheese) went up as well, making a superior product cheaper to the average person. In other words, unless vegans start losing some team members, there’s no way consumers are going to be able to put a dent into this cheese mountain, but a dad can still dream.

If didn’t respond to this news with instant constipation, congratulations on your restraint. You already know that cheese is mostly salt and fat, and while you’re kid is going to eat both things sometimes, you’re not trying to stockpile it there either. So, while you might not want to increase the kid’s cheese intake in light of this news, you can at least enjoy a slightly lower grocery bill for the time being.

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