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Amazon Plans to Publish Toy Catalog for the Holidays

After helping dig Toys 'R' Us' grave, Amazon is about to capitalize on one of its predecessor's best ideas.

Flickr Sillypucci

With Toys ‘R’ Us officially dead and gone, Amazon is about to co-opt one of the company’s best ideas: The toy catalog. Seriously. Per a Bloomberg report, Amazon hopes to resurrect a Toys ‘R’ Us-inspired physical catalog just in time for the holidays, mailing it to millions of households and distributing it at Whole Foods.

Though Amazon pretty much rules online retail, the catalog strategy is part of an initiative to “incorporate traditional retailers’ tools into its business model.” According to the same report, Amazon is looking at acquiring some of Toys ‘R’ Us’ now empty locations as well. The goal of both plans is to give to the retailer an even bigger leg up on brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Target, both of which have been aggressively trying to cut into Amazon’s market share.

Truth be told, it’s not as if the folks at Amazon are strangers to catalogs ⏤ they curate and release digital catalogs for the holidays annually. A paper catalog, however, would be the company’s first attempt to use physical mailers as a way to both fill the void left by Toys ‘R’ Us and give kids across the country the pure joy of circling every toy they want this Christmas.