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Amazon Prime’s Discounts Are Coming to All Whole Foods This Week

Members of Amazon's Prime service will now get discounts at Whole Foods.

Starting Wednesday, June 27, Amazon Prime will add another deal to its list as it expands Amazon’s reach into the grocery store market and offer members discounts at every Whole Foods store in the nation.

“Our weekly Prime member deals are a hit and we’re excited that Prime members across the U.S. will now be able to take advantage of these savings in our stores,” said A.C. Gallo, president and COO at Whole Foods Market.

Each of the grocery chain’s 365 locations will offer Prime members 10 percent off of hundreds of sale items on top of other deals including 25 percent off bulk items like nuts and dried fruits and 5 percent off per pound of pork ribs. Information about which items are for sale will be available on the Whole Foods Market app and displayed on blue signs inside each location.

Those with the membership, which costs $119 a year, can take advantage of the offered discounts by downloading the Whole Foods Market app, sign in with their Amazon accounts and scan their Prime code when they check out. Otherwise, they can give cashiers the mobile number connected to their Amazon account.

The wheels for the Prime-exclusive discount were set in motion in 2017, when Amazon, which currently has 100-million Prime members, announced plans to cut prices after it purchased Whole Foods for $13-billion. Since then discounts have spread throughout the states. The first was offered in Florida in May then, earlier this month, the discounts spread to 10 more states. Now offering the Prime-exclusive discount in every state, Amazon’s influence on the grocery store market continues to grow.

Other perks for Prime members include discounts for customers who order Whole Foods items on Prime Now, Amazon’s food delivery service. The company will also offer free delivery for purchases costing $35 or more for members that live in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Richmond, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Virginia Beach.

Grocery delivery deals will be available in more locations throughout 2018.