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Amazon Prime Day 2020: When Is It Happening?

The event, which usually occurs in mid-July, is delayed this year. But when will it happen?


When is Amazon Prime Day 2020? For many Amazon disciples or Amazon prime members, the delay of Amazon Prime Day from it’s usual mid-July schedule to an unknown date has been nothing short of a tragedy. But, fear not, Amazon-heads: it appears that Amazon while admitting that Amazon Prime Day 2020 will be delayed, has eyed a new month to hold Amazon Prime day. COVID-19 has slowed this all down, but it’s not over.

So, when and will Amazon Prime Day 2020 happen? Here’s everything you need to know.

When Will Amazon Prime Day 2020 Happen?

It appears that the day — which is really usually a two-day massive event — will happen sometime in October, according to Business Insider. And, according to four people with knowledge of Amazon’s plans, Amazon Prime Day 2020 will actually be beginning on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. Amazon has blacked out vacation for its full-time warehouse workers from October 13 through October 20, which aligns with what the unnamed sources have suggested. 

While Amazon officials declined to confirm if Amazon Prime Day 2020 would be on October 13, they did say, “Customers can also say, ‘Alexa, keep me posted on Prime Day,'” in lieu of timing information.

Whenever Prime Day is — and it will still most likely happen in early to mid October, even if October 13 isn’t the actual Amazon Prime Day 2020 — it will likely only be 48 hours, with some deals going up in the days leading up to the event, based on what Amazon has done for Prime Day in the past. If they decide to extend the earth-shattering discounts, that would make sense, considering the mega-online-vendor kills it every year on Prime Day. 

Why Is Amazon Prime Day 2020 Delayed?

While Amazon has yet to reveal this for certain, it’s clear that they’re well behind schedule in being able to offer Prime Day deals. This is likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has benefited Amazon as a company but could lead to delays in massive sales events due to already stretched capacity among workers. 

What Deals Will Happen On This Amazon Prime Day 2020?

While it’s unclear what products will be on sale this Prime Day, we can only look to the past to consider what great deals might be had on that day. MacBooks, televisions, Fire Sticks, and more are often slashed in price over the 48-hour bonanza called Prime Day. Last year, Instant Pots were discounted, as were Apple products, and other home goods. So keep an eye out for those deals and have fun shopping!