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Amazon Is Selling Dog Swimsuits for Some Reason

Why do these exist?


There’s a lesson to be learned from flipping through a SkyMall catalog, watching late night infomercials, and wandering through a Sharper Image: human beings have a boundless appetite for useless nonsense. We’ll buy toasters that singe logos and drones that take selfies, but this post isn’t about that junk. It’s about dog swim trunks.

That’s right, dog swim trunks. It sounds like a particularly boring Mad Lib, but they’re actually a thing, despite the fact that dogs spend their lives naked and, as far as we can tell, seem to enjoy it.

And yet, dog swimsuits, made by a company called Kove that specializes in recycled plastic garments. Each sage green or cyan pair is made out of eight plastic bottles, with a dash of Spandex thrown in for a bit of stretch. It’s apparently a quick-drying material, though whether its quicker than a classic post-swim shake off is anybody’s guess.

But we haven’t even gotten to the best/weirdest part. If it’s your heart’s desire to match your dog’s look in the pool or at the beach, the good people at Kove can make your dream come true. A men’s swimsuit made of identical material is also available in both colors. All the other dog-owner combos at the beach will be…jealous? Yeah, that’s it. Jealous.

So why do these exist? To be honest, we don’t have an answer for you and while we can’t recommend that you purchase an entirely unnecessary pair of trunks for your canine companion, we can all look forward to laughing anytime we see an owner and their dog in matching swimsuits.